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Unique virtual hairstyles software to try more than 3500 hairstyles and 53 colors on a photo of yourself.
Do countless makeovers on a photo of yourself and see exactly what you will look like before getting your hair cut or styled!

- a one-time fee to use the software.
- online software - no downloads and nothing to install.
- over 3,500 haircuts and 53 colors to try on.
- frequent updates: new hairstyles added every month.
- online hairstyle consultation.
- online hairstyles search.
- password protected area with unlimited access, 24/7.
- print all hairstyles and colors with your picture.
- email hairstyles to your friends.
- save hairstyles to your "favorites" folder
100% guaranteed!
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Virtual Hairstyling

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Many websites are offering "virtual hairstyles," where you can preview how different styles will frame your face. By far, is the most sophisticated-and cost-effective.
Have you ever wished you could find out if the hairstyle you've long admired in a magazine will look good on you before you go to the hairstylist to "do the deed"?
Or maybe you've thought about how great it would be to try out a radically different cut, but you've been too afraid to make the commitment-even though you're well aware that hair grows back!
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You've probably heard of virtual makeover software. Perhaps you've even bought one of these programs at the local computer store and installed it on your hard drive. If so, you know how awkward such programs can be-and how you just don't look "quite right."
Rather than investing in a software package that operates on outdated technology, consider visiting an online virtual hairstyle website, such as By taking advantage of the most highly developed computer modeling technologies, you can enjoy the adventure of changing your hair, without any of the risk.
There are a number of virtual hairstyle websites on the Internet these days. Some are easier to use than others, most require a fee, but all follow the same basic format:
Option 1: You select a computer model with facial features similar to yours and apply different hairstyles to her.
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Option 2: You ask a friend to take a digital picture of you, which you upload to the website. If you don't have a digital camera, a standard camera will suffice. Simply have your friend snap a photo, and request digital files on a CD when you have your pictures developed. Once your photo is uploaded, you can preview how a variety of hairstyles will look on you.
One well-publicized virtual hairstyle site is, which offers a six-month membership for $14.95 and access to 2,000+ hairstyles in 53 different colors. You can use a computer model or your own photo. The site is relatively easy to use, but it has one major drawback: It offers only a two-dimensional view of how you'll look (face forward). is more complicated to use, as photo uploading is unavailable. Instead, you browse hairstyles on the site (only around 200 to choose from) and write down the numbers of the ones you would like to preview. You then mail an order form, along with a picture of yourself, and the company sends you a binder containing your chosen hairstyles superimposed on your pictures.
By far, the best virtual hairstyle website on the net is Hairstyles, cuts, and do's. This is the only site in the world that allows you to try on hairstyles in three dimensions, with views from the front, profile (both sides) and back. (You can actually rotate the model 360.) In addition, the model is three-dimensional-not merely a flat representation of your photo.
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Most extraordinarily, once you upload a digital photo of yourself, Hairstyles, cuts, and do's creates a 3D model of your face. Within 48 hours of sending your photo, your model will be ready for action, and you can try out thousands of styles, with hundreds of new ones added during your subscription period. offers a less expensive alternative. You can use the company's "face shape wizard" to determine your facial structure and then select a model with features like yours to try on hairstyles. The price for this plan, known as "Figure Membership," is amazingly low cost.
Before deciding on the plan that best suits your needs, check out the free trial at, where you can test-drive the site. Comparisons of the features available in the "Figure" and "Reflect" Memberships, with an easy-to-follow checklist of plan options, are available by clicking here.
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To become to a Hairstyles, cuts, and do's member or just take advantage of the free trial go to the website. visit


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